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If you are an inventor who is looking to protect your invention and are considering getting a patent for your once-in-a-lifetime invention idea, you are at the right place! Getting a product to market takes a good amount of knowledge and experience and the professionals at Patent Services USA are very well equipped to guide you through the invention process. We can help you understand why it is important that you protect your idea with a patent.

We will work with you to take your invention idea from a concept to a real, marketable product. Along the way, you will learn about patents, how they work and how they protect your intellectual property or idea. You will learn about licensing. You will also learn the importance of proper research, documentation and building a solid case for your idea. We will also assist you in establishing patent protection and provide you with direct access to licensing professionals & agents who can help you market and license your invention.



Welcome to Patent Services. We are a company committed to providing excellence in service to inventors and innovators seeking to leverage their own insight into commercial product design and function. We congratulate you on taking the first step toward protection and ownership of your new idea...

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Don′t wait! We can review your new invention within 24 hours! Complete your confidential submission form now and one of our consultants will contact you promptly to schedule a review at no cost to you. Get professional assistance exploring the potential for your new product idea today!

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Successfully patenting and licensing any new product requires a strategic approach. Patent Services provides inventors with the resources you need to effectively research, document, prepare, and prosecute the patent on your new idea...

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