2D/3D MODELING Overview.

Making an idea come to life so that others can understand it, get excited about it and truly know its value is critical for any inventor.

At Patent Services USA, we provide inventors with the resources and steps they need to turn your idea from just an idea and into a reality. We pride ourselves on being the all-access point for your every question at every step and providing in a timely manner any content or visuals necessary for driving your product forward. Below are the 2D/3D Modeling services we offer, in detail.


Key Features

Preliminary Patent Illustration

As a first step, a drawing of your invention is drafted. This makes sure that your patent application has the necessary drawings that are needed to facilitate communicating your idea to any viewer. These preliminary drawings show each feature of the invention clearly and simply on paper, paving the way for anyone reviewing your application to have that “a-ha!” moment. They are also created first and foremost since any drawing portraying your invention cannot be added to an application after the official filing date.

CAD Drawings Drawings

Also known as computer-aided design software, CAD Drawings provide technical, detailed illustrations of your invention with unmatched precision. These drawings are renowned for their ability to produce incredibly accurate designs in 2D or 3D. At PSU, we draft CAD Drawings as early possible to have on hand during the progression of a product all the way to any final revisions of an invention. CAD Drawings provide a standard and simple format for manufacturers as well as these files are compatible with and can be quickly imported to widely used production software for manufacturing.

3D Design Still Rendering/Animation

Next, 3D Still Renderings and Animations are created to clearly demonstrate, through a two-dimensional computer represented model, all the details that make your product valuable and unique (texture, color, material, distinct features). These 3D Renderings are then easily and quickly transferred to production machines that can take the components displayed in the renderings and turn them into product samples.

3D Design Printing Printing

PSU also offers 3D Printing for accurate prototyping. Our on-site and up-to-date 3D printing software and printers are fully equipped to take 3D Still Renderings and translate them into real-life product samples. This helps to take the immediate understanding of important concepts, features, and unique use of a product to a whole new level.

PowerPoint Momentum Tool™

To consolidate all of the exciting aspects of your product for easy sharing, we provide each investor with an Auxiliary PowerPoint. This PowerPoint is a great way to showcase your idea to a potential investor or interested manufacturer quickly and professionally as it contains your unique product description and marketing information.