Scope of Work


The Scope of Work is part of a formal service proposal. It describes all the tasks that a professional or team of professionals will perform. Executing a contract normally presents a binding agreement for the scope of work to be completed. Formal service proposals with a clear Scope of Work are a common standard in the mainstream intellectual property industry.

Most intellectual property requires a broad scope of work to prepare the concept for the patent process. Patent marketing companies commonly target first time patent filers with misleading scope of work that is loosely based on mainstream intellectual property agencies.


For thousands of years, merchants made verbal agreements for trade and barter. Some of the first listed work requirements date back to ancient Egypt. As contract law became more sophisticated, a written scope of work provided greater assurance that a contract will be completed. On the fringes of the intellectual property field, patent marketing schemes use informal contracts with an often misleading scope of work. In 1999, the American Inventors Protection Act responded by laying out specific requirements for invention promotion companies, including contract and scope of work disclosures.

For Independent Inventors

Leading a trade secret through the patent process and beyond to a licensing or startup venture may require many professional contributors. A clear scope of work is crucial in understanding the steps ahead, and keeping control of your project. Be aware of service providers without formal contracts. Work with contractors that also offer consultation so that you understand your scope of work completely. With the recent development of clearinghouse technologies within the intellectual property field, independents and small businesses can tap into group-buy resources to build an industry standard scope of work while save significantly on the legal and research costs. Traditionally, invention promotion schemes would cut project costs by offering knock-offs of industry standard work. This practice is still in use with some patent marketing companies sourcing cheap contractors for sub-standard work or offering misleading patent pending schemes.

Patent Services USA

Patent services takes pride in conducting all intellectual property business to the highest standards in the industry. Whenever a project clears our confidential submission process, we provide a formal service proposal including a detailed scope of work. Once the scope of work is drafted, we assign a consultant to help to explain the details ahead and keeping everyone in the loop. Patent clearinghouse technology has proven very reliable in delivering top-tier scopes of work at costs which were previously impossibly low. This has eliminated the need for working with patent marketing companies and other agencies without a clear and honest process. Building your scope of work starts with a confidential submission and statement of non-disclosure. Register as an independent professional inventor through our network or complete your confidential submission here.

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