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How to Sell An Invention in a Better Way?

Development of models or prototypes

Development of models or prototypes

A solid prototype that puts into practice all of the information you have mentioned in your inventor’s journal will assist you in representing your invention design when you are showcasing it to potential Investors.

Search for Patents

Search for Patents

Make sure that your invention or idea doesn’t clash with somebody else’s. Search for any already existing patent that matches your idea and if yes then make the necessary changes accordingly.

Patent Your Idea

Patent Your Idea

File your patent by taking services from a licensed patent professional while filling out the registration application. It is always better to take professional assistance in order to avoid any legal issues later on.

Make an Invention

Make an Invention

After patenting your idea, now the time comes when you actually create your invention. It could be a product or an application. You need to do all the preparations to convert your idea into an invention.

Sell Your Invention Idea

Sell Your Invention Idea

Gather as much information as possible related to your invention idea. Know your target audience and pitch your product in the best manner possible.

Hands-on Marketing a Patent Strategy

Hands-on Marketing a Patent Strategy

Formulate a concrete strategy related to your product and how you are going to bring your product to the market. The market strategy also includes points like the place of manufacturing, mode of selling, social media campaigning, etc.

Transparent Payment Policy

Transparent Payment Policy

We provide the best patent service assistance in the USA. We have a very simple and transparent payment policy where everything is crystal clear. Feel free to contact us and book an appointment with our attorney.

Reliable Support

Reliable Support

At Patent Services USA, we provide you quality support and assistance so that your dream idea becomes a reality. From researching and documenting your idea to filing a patent and formulating a robust marketing strategy, we cover everything.

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I Have an Idea for an Invention, Follow Next Step!

Research and Document Your Idea

Research and Document Your Idea

  • Formulate an Invention Strategy involving proper research and documentation. The only thing which can make you look authentic as per law is having proof of when you came up with the invention idea.
  • In the inventor’s journal, pin down your idea and have it signed by a witness. It must contain all the information concerning your product/invention.
  • Conduct a research from a legal perspective and make sure that your idea is original.
Research and Document Your Idea
Research and Document Your Idea

Patent Services USA Helps You

  • Patent Services USA is committed to protecting your idea by giving you reliable patent service assistance.
  • We have a pool of trained patent attorneys who are well-versed in their job and have years of rich experience in this domain
  • We don’t put too much pressure on your pockets as our patent assistance service is quite pocket friendly. Also, we never compromise on quality, no matter what.
Research and Document Your Idea

Get To Market Your Invention

  • Marketing involves framing the overall strategy to bring your product or service to the market.
  • Marketing strategy involves decisions like, sales, manufacturing, distributing, customer support, etc.
  • The overall process can be very tiring and tedious. Hence you need to be patient throughout.
Research and Document Your Idea
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Mar 30

Coming up with a good idea is easy. Turning it into reality? Now that's hard. While you may spend weeks in your garage or workshop coming up with a working prototype that matches what you originally had in mind, once you have that prototype you've

Apr 17

When you have an idea in mind for a new invention, it can be an incredibly exciting time. But once you start trying to develop that idea into a reality, things can start to get a bit more stressful. The reason is simple – moving from

Dec 05

As an inventor, one of the things you may struggle with most is transporting your dream design into a reality. Many inventors have difficulty overcoming the design phase when they must move their ideas from their mind to paper, and from paper to prototype. Prototyping is supposed to be an exciting stage in your design process but can be stressful if you are unaware of what you're getting yourself into.


FAQ: How to Patent an Invention

  • How to market a patent?

    The most common ways to market a patent are namely advertisements, tradeshow signs, promotional videos, marketing emails, brochures, or any other similar type of technical documentation of the invention.

  • How to make an invention idea and invent a product?

    You can accomplish this in 5 simple steps. The first step is Documentation, the second is conducting research, the third is to make a prototype, the forth is applying for patent registrations and the last step is marketing and promotion of your invention.

  • Different between invention and idea?

    An idea is the purest form of an invention. As it is theoretical in nature, therefore, it must be proven with a prototype or a model. An invention on the other hand is the extension of that idea which is developed.

  • How to invent new products?

    In order to invent any product, first, you need to conduct basic market research. After you have done your research you need to create a prototype to test your idea. The next step and the most important is to file a patent to protect your idea and lastly after patenting you can start the manufacturing process. Also, you can license your idea to someone else.

  • Is Market an Invention only for start-up companies?

    No, it is not only for startup companies but existing companies can also avail patent service to protect their inventions/products.

  • What are the advantages of being a market inventor?

    Market Inventor has the advantage of creating and maintaining the dominance of the market. He does it by leveraging things like strategy, experience, insight, and expansion to capitalize on an untapped space.

  • Can you sell an idea for an invention?

    Yes, you can sell your invention idea. You also have a second option to sell the invention itself for the amount as compensation for your idea.

  • How much does it cost to bring a new product to market?

    The cost to bring a new product to the market depends upon various factors such as product type, manufacturing method, mode of selling, etc.

  • Can you dominate a market within a minimal budget?

    Yes, nowadays you can do online marketing which is also known as digital marketing. Digital marketing is cheaper and effective than the traditional forms of marketing and a great way to market your product to reach your target audience.

  • Who is Patent Services USA?

    Patent Services USA is an intellectual property services company that provides patent-related assistance in the USA. If you are an inventor who wants to protect his invention and get a patent, then Patent Services USA is your one-stop destination.