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How to Get a Patent on an Idea

Are you constantly going through a mumbo jumbo, making permutations and combinations of what to do next after inventing an excellent idea for your product or app? Well, not to worry, as we are there to take care of all that tedious stuff that is haunting you. We, as an Intellectual Property Services Company, have been providing top-notch Patent Services in the USA for many years and have created an irreplaceable value for various inventors across the US.

Here are some of the exclusive perks that come along with our services:

Robust Assistance

We provide exclusive assistance in managing your patent effectively so that your newly born idea flourishes in an effort to establish your patent. We put utmost importance in making sure that every possible minute detail is covered thoroughly.

Easy Payment Options

We offer you easy and secure payment options. You can choose your best suitable plan and make the payment accordingly. Feel free to contact us anytime, and our customer care service executive will guide you in the best manner possible.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Maintaining confidentiality of data is on our top priority and we accept no compromises. That’s the reason we have a 100% client satisfaction record making us the number one service provider despite having multiple competitors in the market.

In-Depth Industry Detail

Before putting your blood and sweat for days, weeks and months in developing an app or product, it is always preferable to check whether the idea is already patented or not. Here, we provide you USPTO - United States Patent and Trademark Office’s massive database. Based on the database and along with our attorney’s consultation, you will get a clear picture of your project.

All Patent Related Services

Getting a patent for your app or product, is quite a lengthy and complicated task involving a chain of steps and official formalities. People usually don’t know all of this legal stuff. That’s why they choose a credible patent service provider company. We take care of all the patent related-issues from scratch under one roof.

Timely Updates and Renewal

We will keep you updated with all the latest trends and guidelines issued by the authorities. Our fully dedicated research team is there for you, 24*7 for your help and assistance. Also, as far as the renewal is concerned, you don’t need to feel worried and check every single time whether your registration is expired or not. Our highly trained patent attorneys will handle this issue.
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Why Should You File a Patent Application?

Are you thinking “can I patent an idea”? We provide you with some of the best services of patenting. Have a look right now to understand how do I patent an idea. We will also tell you how to patent an app idea. Check out the benefits if you choose our services to patent my idea.

Consultation Benefits Consultation Benefits

We provide you with an independent licensed patent practitioner to provide you with all the details regarding your patent. You can know how to patent an idea and sell it from us.

Patent Pending Status for A Year Patent Pending Status for A Year

You can get a Patent Pending application for a whole year from us.

Patent Application Filing Date Patent Application Filing Date

We provide you with a filling date from the US Patent Office on your application. We will also tell you how to patent a business idea.

Government Receipt Government Receipt

Keep your ideas safe with the full support of the Government. How does that work? We provide you with a proper official receipt for your patent acceptance from the Government. Check how to patent an idea for a product.

Electronic Signing Electronic Signing

With the help of the electronic signature system, you can easily sign the patent business idea application of yours from any mobile device or computer.

Superb Live Support Superb Live Support

One of our best services includes live support on the weekdays. You can get in touch with us via email, phone, etc. We will be able to provide you with the support and patent inventions ideas that you need.

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How Much Does it Cost to Patent an Idea?

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FAQ: Patent Your Idea

  • What items are protected by patents?

    Any invention or item can be protected by a patent if there is any useful purpose for the patent. You get your idea/ product patent with our best services.

  • What are the types of patent to protect your idea?

    There are different types of patents, such as Utility Patent, Design Patent, and Plant Patent.

  • How do I apply for a patent?

    Here are some steps you need to follow:

    • • Invention disclosure
    • • Patent-ability search
    • • Decision to file an application for patent
    • • Patent drafting
    • • Filing the patent application
    • • Request for examination
    • • Responding to objections
    • • Grant of patent
    • • Renewal of patent
  • How to know that your idea is unique before you patent your idea?

    You can contact our customer care support team and book a slot for an appointment. We have the best industry professionals having years of experience in this field. They will provide you with the best consultation, so what are you waiting for, call now!

  • How to patent an idea?

    You need to first have a written record of your invention and get it signed by a witness. Ensure that your invention qualifies for patent protection. Then assess the commercial potential of your invention by conducting an in-depth patent search. Lastly, prepare and File an Application with the USPTO.

  • How to patent an idea for a business?

    Technically just an idea itself cannot be patented, unless it has been turned into a prototype that meets specific patent criteria and patent requirements. For patenting a business method, the invention must be novel as well as non-obvious. The business model should have strong potential in order to be patentable. This is because methods of evading risk and its application to a particular sector is not eligible for a patent. There are two patent categories – Utility patent and Design patent. A utility patent is filed for new processes or machines and a design patent is related to producing or manufacturing new, non-obvious ornamental designs.

  • How to patent an idea for a product?

    The patent office doesn't permit inventors to patent merely an idea. Hence, to get a patent, you must present an explanation before the patent office concerning how to make the invention and how the invention can be used. Inventors can obtain a utility patent and design patent for their invention as well as for their new and unique design respectively. Therefore, having intellectual property protection can make your product/invention more valuable. In this case, an attorney's opinion will be most beneficial for you to make you realize the potential of your invention and whether you should apply for both utility as well as a design patent.

  • How much does it cost to patent an idea?

    The approximate cost to patent an idea in the US ranges from $5,000 to $16,000 Plus depending upon your invention's complexity. For example, an extremely simple design like a paper clip would cost you around $5,000 to $7,000 while on the other hand, a complex invention like software will cost you around $14,000 to $16,000+.

  • Can You Patent an Idea for a website?

    In order to patent your website idea, you need to conduct a patent search through the United States patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to have a review of whether your idea is eligible for a patent or not. There you will also be required to pre-set your facts and reasons regarding why it is necessary to protect your website idea with a patent.

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